Steering Share: Alison Stankrauff

Steering Shares are an opportunity to find out more about the I&A Steering Committee. This SteerStankfrauffing Share is from Steering Committee member Alison Stankrauff.

How did you get involved in archives?

I realized that I wanted to be an archivist because of an all-important internship I had as an undergraduate history student. I was in my last year at Antioch College, and had an internship in Topeka, Kansas doing research on a house that had been on the Underground Railroad and built by the city’s founders. I did my research at a number of repositories – most especially at the Kansas Historical Society. It was that “Aha! This is what I can do with my history degree!” moment. For me it was – and remains – the best way to join my passion for history – and empowering people with information.

Why did you get involved with the Issues & Advocacy Roundtable?

I’ve been involved with the Issues and Advocacy Roundtable since 2010. I served as Chair of the Roundtable from 2010 to 2012, and have been on the Steering Committee ever since.

What is an archives issue that means a lot to you?

How to choose! I’d say getting marginalized histories more accessible is huge to me. Putting history online of African Americans, Latinos, LGBTQ folks, women – really, anyone who hasn’t had – and still don’t – have an equal voice in society.

How would you define advocacy?

I’d define advocacy as speaking on – and for – people, places, things that are in danger or silenced. Righting wrongs.

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