News Highlights, 2018 January

The I&A News Monitoring Research Team has compiled this list of recent news stories regarding topics of relevance to archives and archivists. View the full list of news stories online.

Acquisition, Preservation, & Access

  1. “Former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Thought War on Terror Would Be Easily Won” (FOIA and the National Security Archive)

  2. “Inside the Battle for Arthur Miller’s Archive”
  3. “White House intends to destroy data from voter fraud commission”

  4. “How a Library Handles a Rare and Deadly Book of Wallpaper Samples”

Archival Finds & Stories

  1. “They spoke out against immigrants. So she unearthed their own immigrant ancestors”

  2. “The Forgotten History of Black Women Protesting Sexual Assault”

Digital Archives, Technology, & the Web

  1. “Saving Gawker and Alt-Weeklies from Deletion.”
  2. “Google App Goes Viral Making an Art Out of Matching Faces to Paintings”

Exhibits & Museums

  1. “A Diary from a Gulag Meets Evil with Lightness”
  2. “Haslla Art World: Part museum, part hotel”

  3. “Super Bowl tourists will see Holocaust photo exhibit at Minneapolis airport”

Human & Civil Rights, Equality, & Health

  1. “How to Save the Memories of the Egyptian Revolution”

  2. “‘There Are Higher Laws’: Inside the Archives of an Illegal Abortion Network”

  3. “Archives chronicle decades of Baha’i persecution in Iran”

  4. “‘They’ve been invisible’: Seattle professor studies role of black grandmothers in society”

  5. Trump Administration Skews Terror Data to Justify Anti-Muslim Travel Ban

  6. “The Troubling Origins of the Skeletons in a New York Museum” (Thousands of Herero people died in a genocide. Why are Herero skulls in the American Museum of Natural History?)

  7. “‘Solicitor-client privilege’ keeping 98-year-old document on sick First Nations children under wraps”

Security & Privacy

  1. “The Art of Crime”

  2. “Historian Pleads Guilty to Theft of Government Records from the National Archives”

The Profession

  1. “Curating Band-Aids, Both Modern and Vintage”

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