News Highlights 2018 February

The I&A News Monitoring Research Team has compiled this list of recent news stories regarding topics of relevance to archives and archivists. This list was curated by SAA Issues & Advocacy News Monitoring Team, which includes Dana Bronson, Rachel Cohen, Samantha Cross, Shaun Hayes, Ryan Leimkuehler, Beth Nevarez, and Chloé Pascual; it is managed by Steve Duckworth.

View the full list of news stories online.

Acquisition, Preservation, & Access

  1. Sir Isaac Newton’s groundbreaking papers to become UNESCO heritage,
  2. Trump Officials Want to Charge More Money to Access Public Records—Despite Fewer Requests,
  3. UC Berkeley Uses Optical Scanning to Recover Indigenous Voices from Wax Cylinders,

Archival Finds & Stories

  1. George Washington’s hair found inside New York library book,
  2. In Switzerland, dismay as papers on secret Cold War army vanish,
  3. Oldest ‘tattoo art’ discovered on Ancient Egyptian mummies,

Climate & Emergency Preparedness

  1. Vermont Agency Denies Environmentalists Access to Runoff Rules Draft,

Digital Archives, Technology, & the Web

  1. How Google Has Quietly Revolutionized Document Editing,

Exhibits & Museums

  1. ‘Access+Ability’ exhibit showcases designs for, and by, those with disabilities,
  2. ‘Blank Panther’ raises difficult questions in museum community,

Human & Civil Rights, Equality, & Health

  1. 10 lesser-known Black History Month sites across America,
  2. One Syrian’s brave moment,
  3. Polish minister backs call for ‘Polocaust’ museum,
  4. Rewriting Canada’s Memory Banks: Archivists ‘Decolonize’ Collections,

Security & Privacy

  1. Lost and found: Incredible works discovered,
  2. Stolen work by famed painter Degas found in bus,
  3. Man Accused of Breaking Off Terra-Cotta Warrior’s Thumb for Souvenir,

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