Advocacy Overview Form

  • The purpose of an Advocacy Overview is to provide SAA leadership with the information they need in order to determine whether (and how) SAA might be able to assist with an advocacy issue related to archives and archivists. The following form can be used to submit an Advocacy Overview to Issues and Advocacy Section leadership, who will share it with the appropriate leaders within SAA.
  • Before you write an Advocacy Overview, review SAA’s Position Statements and Resolutions, Public Policy Agenda, and Advocacy Agenda to determine if your issue is included among the priorities outlined there. Use this review to note the types of issues that SAA addresses and also to ensure that your issue is not already being addressed. Gather as much information as you can on the issue.
  • Please be detailed in your answers. The Overview should be roughly 1-2 pages if it were printed.
  • Please include citations and links throughout the document wherever applicable, particularly in the Statement of Facts.
  • As you prepare your Overview, consider the following: if you were in a leadership position within the organization, what information would you need to make a good decision on behalf of SAA?