Be Our Bueller

The great F. Bueller once commented at the end of his infamous day off: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.” Sadly that is all too true when it comes to all of the amazing advocacy presentations and webinars and publications. It’s pretty hard to keep track of all of those possibilities, let alone attend/listen/read them. That’s why I&A is asking you to be our Bueller…reviewer.

Did you hear about an interesting advocacy webinar? Are you presenting about advocacy at a conference? Planning a symposium? Have you seen a tweet about a new publication? Let us know and we’ll list it here on our website and share it on social media

Do you want to do a solid for those who couldn’t attend/listen/read? Contribute an ICYMI post for our blog about whatever advocacy–or issues, we do have two components to our name after all–for our blog. Check out our sign up sheet to claim one and send in your summary.

We ask that ICYMI posts contain appropriate links for readers to find out more information and follow our guidelines for blog contributors. Completed posts should be sent to Contributors need not sign up ahead of time to write a summary, but preference will be given to those who called it first.

Archivists on the Issues Call for Content

This year the Issues & Advocacy Roundtable launched its blog series called Archivists on the Issues. We’ve already had some excellent posts and are and looking for more contributors.

Entries should discuss how a particular issue in the news affected or could potentially affect you as an archivist and/or your collections. We invite posts on topics such as education, parental leave, unions, donor relations, record retention policies, archivist culture, the public’s perceptions of archives, digitization challenges, or whatever issue you find yourself facing as an archivist (or aspiring one) today.

We ask that submissions are around 500 words. We encourage multiple entries on the same topic, as well as rebuttals, and hope to generate a rich conversation about the issues confronting our profession.

Please send your submissions to We are also happy to receive ideas for posts and provide feedback.