Be Our Bueller

The great F. Bueller once commented at the end of his infamous day off: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.” Sadly that is all too true when it comes to all of the amazing advocacy presentations and webinars and publications. It’s pretty hard to keep track of all of those possibilities, let alone attend/listen/read them. That’s why I&A is asking you to be our Bueller…reviewer.

Did you hear about an interesting advocacy webinar? Are you presenting about advocacy at a conference? Planning a symposium? Have you seen a tweet about a new publication? Let us know and we’ll list it here on our website and share it on social media

Do you want to do a solid for those who couldn’t attend/listen/read? Contribute an ICYMI post for our blog about whatever advocacy–or issues, we do have two components to our name after all–for our blog. Check out our sign up sheet to claim one and send in your summary.

We ask that ICYMI posts contain appropriate links for readers to find out more information and follow our guidelines for blog contributors. Completed posts should be sent to Contributors need not sign up ahead of time to write a summary, but preference will be given to those who called it first.

I&A Needs Y-O-U

Update: The Research Teams are now full. Thanks to everyone who signed up! We’ll contact you about next steps by 2/15. If you’re interested in being a member of a Research Team but weren’t able to sign up before the slots filled, please use the sign up form to let us know, so the Roundtable steering committee can contact you about future opportunities to get involved.

Interested in getting more involved with Issues & Advocacy? Considering joining one of our I&A Research Teams.

This year the I&A Steering Committee is launching an exciting pilot program. We’re looking for several volunteers to joint our Research Teams, who will be monitoring breaking news and delving into ongoing topics affecting archives and the archival profession.

Under the leadership of the Steering Committee, the Research Teams will compile their findings into Research Posts for our blog. Each Research Post will offer a summary of the topic and coverage of the issue. Taken together, the Research Posts will offer an important overview of issues affecting archives and the archival profession and will serve as an informational resource for further research, advocacy action, and the historical record.

We anticipate the commitment for this project to be, at most, three hours a month. Ideally each team would have between three and five volunteers.

There will be seven teams for the pilot, grouped into two categories:

  1. Legislators Research Teams (3 teams)

These teams will research recent legislative activity related to archives and archivists.

Note for these teams: Your Team Leader will communicate your specific mission to you and your group.

    2.  News Monitoring and Awareness Teams (4 teams)

Within this category, the teams are:

  • On-Call Research Teams (2 teams) [agile teams that can investigate issues that arise, as needed]
  • Other Professional Associations’ Communications Research Team (1 team) [team assigned to monitor the communications of other associations, for issues related to archives]
  • General News Media Research Team (1 team) [team assigned to monitor news media for issues related to archives]

Interested? Please sign up for one Research Team here:

Questions? Email

The sign up sheet will be active until 2/10/2016

Volunteers will be notified via email by 2/15/2016