3 thoughts on “The Invisibility of Women Archivists: Statistics, Diversity and Privilege

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  2. Even though you admit that you don’t have any numbers to look at, you hint at the fact (but don’t specifically state outright) that women archivists make less than men archivists. I don’t believe that is a correct assumption.

    For one, would you not agree that for decades librarianship has been a woman-dominated field? The archives profession has been moving that way as well for at least the past 20 years. In fact, I would think that at least half of all archives positions nationwide are already filled by women. And would you not agree that in the next 20 years, like librarianship, the archives profession will be dominated by women as well?

    My point is, like you, I would love to know the salary numbers for our field. If we had the numbers, my assumption would be that because women are not a minority in the archives field, there wouldn’t be a gender pay gap. I think the only pay gap we would find would be between those archivists that work for well-funded organizations and those who don’t.


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